Tracking Web Traffic

Counting visitors, Web Counter, Traffic Counter

In order to track web traffic or to get an clear idea of the number of people who are actually coming to visiting your site you put the traffic counter on the site . This is a good way for tracking web traffic or web visitors to your site. You can observe the trend and hence get an idea that how much success your site is. After getting on this idea you can make strategies to increase number of visitors.

If this is a personal site then you can ask your office mates, school mates or whatever to visit your site. If this is a business site than this becomes more important that people visit your site to know what is the latest items you have got or what is the latest deal you are giving them . For all of this to happen you to update your site on regular basis. The idea is simple and it is that when ever you go to a store and if the sore manager is good they will shuffle the items and will keep on giving deals on different items on different times.

This will force the buyer to look all the store to look if there are any discounts being offered on the items they are looking for. When they will look your whole store there is a good chance that they will come across different items which they purchase but they never came to purchase that on the first place. So for example the client came for a 5$ grocery will end up buying $20 items from your store and the result is that your sale increased by 4 times in most of cases.

So tracking website traffic for your website is an important task to accomplish for the site owner and you must start counting immediately if you are a website owner.